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      The HR function is often left unattended, leaving the business and its employees exposed to the risks of improper hiring practices or wrongful termination, struggling with benefits administration, and unable to provide employee development.


      The HR role is handled by another team member, usually the CFO or CEO of the organization. Besides increasing exposure to compliance and operational risk, part-time management of HR becomes a distraction, shifting leaders’ focus away from critical operational and strategic decisions essential for business growth.


      An individual is onboarded at a rock-bottom salary and asked to fill an HR role for which they are marginally qualified, quickly creating an organizational risk. HR may not require a full-time resource and this employee is often underutilized, burdening the business with both higher costs and higher risks.

      HRr is better, improving alignment and performance while driving profit and minimizing risk.

      Generating profit is what keeps the doors open in every business, whether you are earning, by maximizing revenue or saving, by limiting expenses. HRr’s business platform addresses both sides of this equation. Excellence across HR builds accountability not only on “what” employees must do (their goals), but also “how” they must do it (their values and behaviors.) HRr improves your return on employee investment through:

      • Proactive organizational design
      • Faster employee competence
      • Increased employee engagement
      • Reduced employee turnover costs
      • Easy cloud-based HRIS analytics
      • “Get it right first” benefits administration