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      With the Memorial Day weekend upon us here in the USA we are all thinking of 2 things, not equally, but both very important. Reflection and celebration of the true American spirit and mid-year reviews, also commonly called mid-year assessments.

      You’re likely scared to death at the prospect of hours, upon hours, of the burdensome paperwork classically associated with mid-year reviews. HR Resolved would like to change that by offering 3 simple “protips” to drive that paperwork to nearly zero and drive the potential benefit, of focused reflection and coaching, through the roof!

      ProTips – Mid-Year Reviews

          1. Mid-year (or periodic) assessments are an opportunity for coaching, learning and redirection. They are not typically most effective as a scoring or ranking opportunities.
          2. Mid-year assessment may be handled in 2 separate ‘phases.’ Or for maximum benefit with both phases combined in series, 2-for-1.
            Phase 1 – self assessment, or the self-reflection and written summary of self-coaching
            Phase 2 – supervisory assessment, coaching and as required redirection
            “The 2-fer” – begin with a separate self-assessment (Phase 1) and supervisory assessment (Phase 2) first. Upon written completion of each, hold a dedicated 1-hour meeting to review and dialog around both assessments. Focus on appreciation and insuring expectations converge for a successful second half of the year.
          3. Mid-year assessments should be low energy input for high value (measured by alignment and performance) return. Consider using a “Start, Stop, Continue” format. Pressure yourself and your employees / peers to use 3 examples under each (Start, Stop, Continue) category.


      Here’s a partial mid-year (self or supervisory) review example to help you get off and running in the right direction


      Start Doing (what should I / the employee start doing more of in the 2nd half of the year to help assure success)

      1. Start leveraging the new product commercialization roadmap to ensure the technology is “ready” per the exit criteria
      2. Increase collaboration with Acme Marketing to verify their VoX work is aligned with the direction “Technology Readiness” is leading us

      Stop Doing (what should I / the employee stop doing more of in the 2nd half of the year to help assure success)

      1. Stop losing my / your patience with the Jr. members of the technology team and instead identify coaching opportunities / learning moments

      Continue Doing (what should I / the employee continue to do in the 2nd half of the year to help assure success)

      1. Continue to utilize the Indian development center and leverage the daily hand-off protocol to further reduce lead times


      Curious to dive into “Level 2 details” and pull even more value from your interim, periodic or mid-year reviews? Please start a conversation with HR Resolved. Or, perhaps you’re curious how mid-year reviews fit into the bigger picture? The HR Resolved video Annual Employee Performance Optimization is Different than Just Performance Management does a good job of outlining the basics.

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