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      Generating profit is what keeps the doors open in every business, whether you are earning, by maximizing revenue or saving, by limiting expenses. A strong HR team addresses both sides of this equation across what’s likely your biggest budget line item, your people. It all begins with a solid new employee onboarding process.

      HR Resolved improves your return on employee investment!
      We call it employee Alignment | Performance | Profit

      With so many offerings in the marketplace claiming to play “HR,” our team at HR Resolved is often asked, “How do you have such an impact on employee alignment, performance, and profit in an outsourced HR model”?

      The answer has many components spread across the entire employee lifecycle. However, the one blowing more minds lately is the new employee onboarding process HR Resolved calls employee Assimilation & Competence Modeling (A&CM).

      When HR Resolved asked leaders to talk about the most impactful differences witnessed when transitioning from their prior new employee onboarding process to the HR Resolved Assimilation & Competence Model, we heard —

      “The A&CM reduced the time sink on existing staff for new employee onboarding while producing far better results, more quickly”

      “Our company is emphasizing the importance of accountability. This program really allows the associate to be accountable for the outcomes of their program”

      “The leader is relieved of the feeling – are we doing enough to educate this new hire or is he/she getting it quickly enough.”

      “The A&CM helped aligned leader and new associate expectations and at the same time is a much easier way to track progress.”

      Employee Alignment Starts Earlier than Most Realize” with 5 commonly overlooked steps that represent the “Job Need Identification to Autonomy” lifecycle.  As you’ve likely guessed, the final step is no longer the onboarding process, but rather Assimilation & Competence.

      Just like steps 1-4, there’s a Technically Correct Way to execute the A&CM step. When executed correctly all 5 are opportunities to build alignment and speed the time to new employee performance. And all 5 steps are present long before traditional “Performance Management” or its alternatives ever come into play.

      The New Employee Assimilation & Competence Model, is the new Onboarding Process

      The A&CM is an interrelated system of everything from simple tasks to more complex initiatives required of a new, or new to roll, employee. The A&CM becomes the critical, formal introduction to the idiosyncratic language, processes, tools and most importantly expectations of success in role.

      It’s prepared under the leadership of HR Resolved and with the support of each respective functional managers in the business. The A&CM is most often communicated to new employees by the HR team as a critical part of the total “Zero Error Onboarding” process in the days between executing the offer letter and the employee’s first day in role.

      The A&CM relies on simple visual management (red/yellow/green) statuses against predefined criteria. Within this framework simple “assimilation” activities are binary (complete vs. incomplete). More complex or specialized objectives and tools are tracked through the 4-phase competence building process within the same red/yellow/green visual framework. In all, resulting in productive employees aligned with the founder’s intent, returning on investment in the shortest time possible, post hire!

      What do employees think of it?  HR Resolved asked them exactly that after their first exposure to an A&CM —

      “This was huge, because trial-and-error method can create inefficiencies, erase goodwill, or form bad habits when mistakes are made.”

      “The most significant impacts in my opinion are the ability to immediately start working independently because you have your expectations set out”

      “It is a huge help in managing your time while you are new at work and trying to work effectively”

      “Yes, the assimilation plan is such a great idea. I’ve never worked for a company that had something like this, and it creates a foundation of knowledge that can be measured by John(manager) and myself.”

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