A Top HR Outsourcing Company

      With so many offerings in the marketplace claiming to play “HR,” our team at HR Resolved is often asked, “How do you have such an impact on employee alignment, performance, and profit in an outsourced HR model”?

      The answer, HR Resolved is built from two long-standing and successful business models: the “platform-based business” and the “distributed” or “center of excellence” business models. But it’s not enough to build a business based on tried-and-true models. At HR Resolved, we support our clients with the personal touch and commitment of an always present and proactive team of HR experts!

      And there’s never a “would you like fries with that” sales pitch.

      HR Resolved is HR strategy and execution only, all day, every day!

      HR Resolved has built a platform that allows us to quickly and effectively scale our offering to meet the specific challenges facing you and your business as you seek to optimize employee alignment, performance and profit!

      Our platform is built from long-standing best-in-class practices not often associated with HR, such as tenets found in the Danaher Business System and the US Military’s leadership programs, scaled to meet the dynamic and agile needs of emerging and medium-sized business.

      With similar effectiveness, we also handle the necessary—and often distracting—overhead of more transactional HR, including benefits administration, state and federal compliance, HR administration and analytics, and on and offboarding. Our cloud-based Human Resource Information System (HRIS) and supporting infrastructure makes this less glamorous but vital work simple and cost-effective.

      Still curious? Want to continue challenging HR paradigms? Please check out our “How We Win Together” video and then reach out to start a conversation.