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      Startup or emerging businesses are often founded with a core group of 2-4 people that typically come together organically. Many times, these people are friends. They work, play, drink, and eat together.

      But as the startup grows, this core group is faced with changing needs and eventually the skills required to meet those needs are no longer available within the friend circle, or they have simply run out of friends to hire.


      How do the founders grow the team outside their friend circle while trying to preserve the great team, great fun and great business they have created?

      How do the founders preserve what’s important to them while ensuring the next group of employees is aligned with their vision and values and are going to perform at the level the founders are accustomed to?

      How do the founders ensure that these new employees will drive profits as quickly as possible and with a minimum of missed steps?

      Lindsey Vonn Winning | photo credit - USA Today

      Lindsey Vonn Winning
      photo source – USA Today

      Often the answer is hiring an executive search firm or a headhunter. Admittedly, executive search is valuable, but it’s only a small part of the solution and many emerging business leaders fail to ask, “What should we do prior to retaining that headhunter to help ensure the search is on the right track? And what do we do after the headhunter has put candidates forward?”

      Building great teams is just like anything else, from laboratory work to skiing, there’s a “technically correct” way to help ensure a desired outcome. If you ski the technically correct way, you may turn into a “Lindsey Vonn,” and if you don’t do it the technically correct way, you’re very likely still on the bunny slope, falling down, getting cold, wet, and tired!

      This HR Resolved video shines a light on the often overlooked “technically correct” steps toward growing a team in alignment with the founder’s mission & values. This system, which we call “Job Need Identification to Autonomy,” helps founders ensure that their next employees are the right fit.

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